Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are your hours?

A: We currently only host private events and parties. There are no regularly occurring hours at this point (though we hope to change that!). For information about these events and when and where you can find us, please visit our Our Events.


Q: What are private events and parties?

A: Private events or parties are usually with an established organization from the area or a wedding party and their guests who have chosen Ditchley as their venue. If you would like to inquire about booking an event or having your wedding at Ditchley, please visit the Your Special Event page.


Q: What kind of apples do you have?

A: We have roughly 60 varieties of apples grown on 15 acres at Ditchley. 90% of these apples are strictly cider apples, with the remaining 10% represented by dessert apples. Our heritage apple trees have origins in the United States, France, England, Germany, and Austria.


Q: What is a Cider Club?

A: Our cider club is the only way to get exclusive access to ciders multiple times throughout the year without having to find us at events like farmers markets or tastings. Cider Club members have access to special events each year as well as access to specially made ciders otherwise not available for sale. For more information on our Cider Club, click here and subscribe. An automated response with more Club details will be sent to you! 


Q: What is a Meat/Charcuterie Club?

A: Our Meat/Charcuterie Club is a recurring meat share of beef and pork, both raised at Ditchley. There are a multitude of meat cuts in each pork and beef share, and the shares come in three different sizes for convenience. For more information on our Meat/Charcuterie Club, click here and subscribe. An automated response with more Club details will be sent to you!

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