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Ditchley Cider Works (DCW) is located on 162 acres of land in the Northern Neck of VA, between Dividing Creek and Prentice Creek, 3 miles northeast of Kilmarnock.  In addition to ~10 acres of apple orchards for making our cider, the property supports production of grass fed Belted Galloway cattle, Tamworth and Large Black hogs, geese, ducks, chickens and turkeys.  There is also extensive waterfront (including a modest-sized sand beach) and wooded acreage available for exploration and learning experiences. The entire property has been placed in land conservation.  


The property is available for school, camp and club group learning experiences.


We will be able to assist you in meeting your Science Standards of Learning in the areas of:

  • Living Systems and Processes (Gr. K-4)

  • Earth and Space Systems (Gr. K-3, 5)

  • Earth Resources (Gr. K-3, 5)

  • Our World; Our Responsibility (Gr. 6)    


Age appropriate craft/science projects may be provided to meet SOL or group emphasis desires.


Pricing:  2-3 hours     $ 10.00 per student

             With project $15.00 per student


Our lead educational specialist is Pam Brown.  Pam is a retired elementary school and special needs teacher who brings 37 years of teaching experience to our DCW educational activities.  

For more information, please contact Pam at

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