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If you’re from the Northern Neck of VA, you know about life on the Rivah. Featuring Australian citrus hops, this lightly carbonated, dry-hopped cider appeals to beer & cider drinkers alike. Perfect as a patio pleaser or for a day on the boat. 

Primary Apple Blend -  Hewes Crab & Sops of Wine

ABV: 8.0%



Created for the wine lover in you.  Our blush color is naturally created from pink/red flesh apples.  Wine yeast starts the fermentation of this cider, while an early end keeps a hint of sweetness on the palate. 

Primary Apple Blend - Geneva & Redfield Crabs

ABV: 7.5%



The aviation callsign of one of our cider makers.  G-8 is an abbreviated name but a full-blown cider. Made in the traditional English style, G-8 is a full-bodied cider with notes of Apple Brandy and a crisp finish. This one is a family and staff favorite. 

Primary Apple Blend - Black Twig & Wickson Crab

ABV: 8.0%

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