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1571 Ditchley Road, Kilmarnock, VA.


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Management Team


“The BOSS”


Cathy Calhoun (owner).  The entrepreneurial  force behind Ditchley Cider Works.  Cathy’s vision for the preservation and restoration of the Ditchley Estate has guided our efforts to date.  Apple orchards, grass fed cattle, “free-range” hogs, Manor House renovation, and land conservation were all part of the package which convinced the Dupont Foundation to trust us with the purchase of this historic property. 

Cathy spent much of her childhood growing up in a TX town with one stop-sign, no lights, and the population of a small movie theatre (Camp Wood . . . really?).  She attended the Naval Academy and spent 10 years in the Navy as a Civil Engineer and SeaBee; started a successful seafood import/export business in Central America - ended when the gov’t wanted to become a “partner”; quickly did become a partner in one of the “big five” (at the time) accounting/consulting firms; grew bored and decided to grow fish in a greenhouse. 

Basically can't hold a steady job . . . 

With Ditchley she gets to exercise her passions for marketing, animal husbandry, and old things. 

Has “short stature” complex (much like Napoleon?), which is why she makes team call her “The Boss”. 



Free Labor


Paul Grosklags (owner).  Fills role as “Free Labor” - aka retired husband.  Fits in 2 of 3 “passion” groups above.

Grew up in DeKalb, IL; attended Naval Academy; Navy helicopter pilot and test pilot; 36 years in uniform: retired from job with big office and lots of folks to “help” him: envisioned retirement with much paddle-boarding and horseback riding . . . silly boy . . .

Retired life includes cleaning horse stalls, painting the “money pit(s)”, dodging 500+ lbs of “hangry” boar each day at feeding time (only one scar to date), repairing water lines, chasing stray bulls, building fences, fixing old electrical wiring, getting chased by angry turkeys, and having to deal with his childhood nemesis (see below) most days.

Still hasn’t figured out what happened . . .



The Educator & Arbitrator


Pam Brown.  AKA the “nemesis” of Free Labor (see above).  Spent childhood behaving badly and making sure her little brother got blamed for pretty much everything.

Graduated from Northern Illinois University; spent 37 years in Wisconsin teaching elementary school – with most of those years focused on special needs children (God bless her!); retired in 2018 and moved to Kilmarnock, VA with husband Terry.  She also has not yet discovered the “free time” that was supposed to come with retirement. 

Works to keep peace between “The Boss” and “Free Labor” . . . and she thought elementary school kids were irrational . . .

Pam runs the Ditchley Cider Works educational outreach efforts.